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DOT Glasses USA

We address the needs of millions of uninsured people that are visually impaired and lack access to prescription eyeglasses.

DOT Glasses USA

We provide proprietary, low-cost eyeglasses for instant, customized vision care on-the-spot.

“Nearly 30 million people in the U.S. are uninsured and lack access to any or affordable vision care, yet 75% of adults need glasses.”



Our Mission

To empower adults with uncorrected poor vision to overcome negative health effects,
reduced education and employment opportunities
loss in productivity and social isolation by helping them see the world around them with clarity.

DOT Glasses Solution

DOT Glasses alleviates the problem of impaired vision within under-served populations, by providing solutions that enable people to receive on-the-spot eye care and eyeglasses that are comfortable and tailored-made.

Delivering innovative vision care

Patented, snap-together, adjustable frames

Patented, snap-together, adjustable frames

2-minute on-the-spot assembly

2-minute on-the-spot assembly

A transformational lens concept

A transformational lens concept

Custom-built eyeglasses within two minutes.

Assembly conducted by healthcare professionals and medical residents (volunteers) in clinical settings leveraging existing measuring tools.

Features and Specifications

The process to provide glasses is extremely easy.
Glasses are ready within minutes of an eye exam, which means there are no complex and expensive two-way logistics, lost orders,
shipping delays or high inventory costs. The user receives comfortable, attractive glasses tailored to their needs.


  • Essilor single vision polycarbonate lenses
  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Robust and durable
  • Spherical dioptres power from -6 to + 4
  • FDA-registered


  • 100% injection-molded ABS plastic
  • ISO-certified
  • Adjustable, snap-together, durable and recyclable
  • Patented worldwide
  • FDA-registered

Vision kits

Vision kits contain everything needed to provide glasses from 20 to 120 people. It’s concise and easy to carry as a shoulder bag or a backpack.

Small Vision Kit

  • 20 Frames
  • 100 Essilor lenses
  • 20 Carrying Pouches
  • 1 Assembly Tool

Big Vision Kit

  • 120 Frames
  • 450 Essilor lenses
  • 120 Carrying Pouches
  • 3 Assembly Tool

Who We Work With

We establish partnerships with organizations that offer support to underserved populations that lack access to quality vision care,
providing turnkey solutions to help improve their health and lives:

Public Hospitals

Community Clinics and Health Centers

Do Good Organizations (Homeless Shelters, Faith-Based, etc.)

Medical Offices - Opthamalogists and Optometrists

Our partners

Our team

Dot Glasses USA is a woman-owned, purpose-driven small business focused on innovation and delivering measurable social impact.
We believe in simple, immediate and accessible vision for all.